Friday, January 23, 2009

OK Hear Me Out

I swear I must be half Italian or that year or so Sicily really rubbed off on me. I've always loved vinegar: malt, cider, red wine, balsamic.Especially balsamic. You can do anything with it. And this is where the Italian part comes in (and I am getting somewhere with this): not only can you put it in salads or marinate with it but if you add a little sugar and reduce it, it goes great on berries. Anyways, it got me thinking of how to work it into a cake. And I came up with balsamic buttercream. And on the first try it worked. It's got some kinks to work out and when it's worked out I'll share my recipe. I have to admit that if I had a bakery and tried to sell this it probably wouldn't fly off the shelves. It would take quite a bit of convincing and free samples. But it's good. I'm thinking chocolate cake??? Hmmm... I guess that means I have some baking to do.

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Susan said...

Now that's interesting-
I adore balsamic -
I never would have thought of balsamic icing.
Sounds great on chocolate!

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

That's why I love Stacey!

I bet it would be so good on chocolate cake with some strawberry filling! Mmm!!

SonoSono said...

Ok, I know you posted this a looooong time ago, BUT I just saw this and had to say,

Holy Cow, that sounds Yummy!

Especially with the chocolate cake you mentioned above. I don't think you'll need to sell it that hard :)